A revolutionary
change of your smile

Napretkom tehnologije, sada je moguće da bez bola,
bez brušenja zuba i anestezije, u jako kratkom roku
dođete do savršenog oblika i boje vaših zuba.


no-prep veneers
by Nemanja Mihaljčić

Micro-thin ceramic shells that are custom-made according to an imprint of your teeth and placed like covers, without damaging your tooth enamel.

They cost the same as facets or ordinary veneers, but unlike them, they are installed with no pain, and they protect your natural teeth. The world standard is available now to you as well, because our patients deserve only top quality and excellence.

Long lasting and durable

They cannot be easily damaged or fall off. They look completely natural and even come with an 11-year warranty.

They are more solid and more durable than the teeth themselves. They are made of the highest quality ceramics on a modern machine similar to 3D printers.

Improve your self-confidence and the quality of your life.

You will never again have to worry about
the shape and color of your teeth.

We witnessed how the lives of our patients changed. The first step is your decision. Once we gain your trust, we shall guide you along the way towards a flawless smile, a smile that will change your life, that will change you.

Less is more

Non-invasive method - no pain,
no grinding, no anesthesia.

No-prep is using the latest technology,
and the installation is non-invasive at all..

Everyone can have the perfect smile today

Don't worry about the shape. If you have gaping or crowded teeth, irregularly shaped, it does not mean that you are not a candidate for no-prep veneers. Mr. Smile will examine you with his team of doctors and determine if you are suitable for no-prep veneer installation.

Make an appointment

Call us for a consultation and make an appointment for an examination to be made personally by Mr Smile.

“I've always liked working on myself, and when I let someone else to help me with this, I expect only the best and that's just what I got from Mr Smile!”


“I thank to Mr Smile for my improved smile. Now I really can say that I have a real one million dollar smile!”


“It's well known that I never smiled on my photos because I didn't have a perfect smile. Now I can smile freely because my aesthetic standards have finally been satisfied thanks to Mr Smile team!”