„No prep veneers by Nemanja Mihaljčić“

A smile is my hallmark, commitment and passion :)

A revolutionary smile makeover

Let us present you “No prep” veneers by Nemanja Mihaljčić

Believe it or not, a smile can be changed with no pain and no tooth preparation!
If you clicked on “Learn more”, we have successfully interested you in the revolutionary approach to smile makeover. Thanks to the No prep veneers by Nemanja Mihaljčić method, we succeeded in saving thousands of teeth from aggressive preparation and unnecessary stress, while getting the results we wanted.

If you are not satisfied with your smile because of the inappropriate colour of your teeth or gap between them, or if your teeth are worn down or look “old”, it is not necessary to destroy them any further and place crowns. They can be restored using this revolutionary method.

Mina Milutinović

The result of our revolutionary approach and principle of work that we have been using for many years now is many satisfied clients. I am proud of the fact that I have influenced and changed the dental market due to this innovative smile makeover method.

Many people already wear the famous Mr Smile smile. It is famous for its innovation.

You are wondering what is innovative about it? The innovation lies in the fact that there is no unnecessary tooth preparation because Mr Smile team tries to conserve the existing teeth and correct the deficiencies, but in a completely non-invasive and sophisticated manner. Every service we provide comes with a long-time guarantee.

We start with coffee and getting to know each other. We have an open conversation about achieving a harmony of the smile and putting the smile back to your face. Our Mr Smile consultation team then gives you the full proposal for the best version of your smile and the necessary procedures. Our golden rule is that no one leaves without being satisfied.
We have put a lot of effort into our work, and we are committed to our clients.

Find out why we are the most sought for

This is one of our most popular services that is world famous and considered to be revolutionary in dentistry so far. It is revolutionary because it changes the approach to a smile makeover.


  • Strengthening of the existing teeth: 
  • Bonding of worn down or damaged parts of teeth: 
  • Removing the gap between the teeth: 
  • Permanent colour change: 
  • Conservation of teeth enamel: 
  • No stress on the teeth: 
  • Teeth volume: 
  • Teeth extension: 
  • Conservation of soft tissue - gums: 
  • No discoloration on the gums: 
  • Easy maintenance: 
  • Every tooth is separate: 
  • Eliminating bad habits: 
  • Lip support: 
  • Complete facial aesthetics is improved: 
  • Changing the position of teeth: 
  • Changing the shape of teeth: 
  • Changing the texture of teeth: 
Strengthening of the existing teeth
Bonding of worn down or damaged parts of teeth
Removing the gap between the teeth
Permanent colour change
Conservation of teeth enamel
No stress on the teeth
Teeth volume
Teeth extension
Conservation of soft tissue - gums
No discoloration on the gums
Easy maintenance
Every tooth is separate
Eliminating bad habits
Lip support
Complete facial aesthetics is improved
Changing the position of teeth
Changing the shape of teeth
Changing the texture of teeth