A non-invasive smile makeover.

Our service keeps your smile

Our job is all about connecting the brain, heart and hand so that we apply the knowledge we possess in an emphatic way.   Good communication is the key to everything. Communication is how we get to know a person best, his/her character, attitudes, aspirations, wishes, values, good and bad sides. Authenticity, just like spirituality, openness or empathy, must be consciously developed and maintained throughout life and that is why it is so important to us to find it in every client, to get to know it and preserve it..

Mr Smile Makeover

This is a full smile makeover process with the key point being the preservation of all healthy dental structures and restoration of the missing or worn-down teeth.

If there is no balance in your mouth, there is an imbalance we need to correct. 

Our unique methods and approach made us famous and influential in the market, which we consider to be a compliment but also an obligation which keeps us at a high level of service quality.

“Mr Smile” consultation team is responsible for preparing a smile makeover treatment plan which includes dentists, specialists and prosthetists. 

The entire “Mr Smile” team applies the latest methods and the whole process is usually fast, although it can sometimes be a bit slower, depending on the particular situation. You and our management plan the dynamics of the works according to the available time and your needs. If the complexity of the situation requires so, the entire Mr Smile Makeover procedure includes implantology, surgery, orthodontics and endodontia.

“No prep” veneers by Nemanja Mihaljčić

This is one of the most popular services we provide. It is famous in the world and considered to be revolutionary in dentistry so far because it changes the approach to a smile makeover.

This method is a “best seller” which gives a lot to the client.

It comes with a long-time guarantee due to the entire protocol of Mr Smile brand. The choice of materials, associates and treatments increases the significance it has to our clients.

“No prep” veneers by Nemanja Mihaljčić are made of high-quality ceramic alloy whose main characteristics are shine, translucency and diffusion of light, which enables reproduction of the natural tooth structure. That is why this perfect material guarantees not only beauty, but also absolutely unnoticeable restorations.

Mr Smile Implant

Mr Smile Implant is a state-of-the-art implantology which involves not only the specialist, a person managing the implants placement process and everything that such process entails, but also the finishing of the prosthetics on the implants which is done in accordance with the highest standards in our dental laboratory. The placement of implants requires a serious approach and good connection of the specialist, prosthetist and technicians who prepare the best plan for solving any issues to create a balance between the hard and soft tissue.

Having a good plan is crucial, as is the estimate of our experienced specialists who make appropriate decisions based on the performed clinical examination and analysis of 2D and 3D images. You, as a client, will be fully informed and everything will be explained to you.

All stages of fabrication in accordance with the highest standards are complied with. We use premium quality materials, and, at the end of the process, we perform quality control, which our brand is world famous for.

Implantology is an inevitable intervention with missing teeth. It is done in a safe and predictable manner so that there is minimum risk, which our guarantees also prove.


Mr Smile Laboratory

We are proud to have, as a part of our brand, a state-of-the-art dental design and fabrication factory, which, in accordance with our specialists’ instructions does wonders using ceramic alloys and other materials. This specific laboratory work is somewhere between craft and art because we honour all our clients’ wishes and imitate the nature in order to restore what is missing and to recreate the lost balance.

We have a unique approach to each situation. And your happiness is the most important to us. 

You will understand this when you visit us.

Mr Smile makes all its prosthetics in its own, highly sophisticated laboratory. This is very important since it influences the guarantee for your prosthetics, not only because of the choice of materials and indications, but also the choice of dental technicians.

Our materials for making prosthetic crowns and dental bridges have optimal translucency and durability, they are strong enough for complete anatomical restorations and possess superior flexure endurance.

Mr Smile Preview

A method which shows you what your new teeth will look like, Mr Smile Preview, is an important stage in the process of creating a Mr Smile smile.

It is very important to define the colour, shape, position and ceramic alloys texture. You should know that you are unique, and that is why we will create a unique smile, perfect just for you, as we do for every client.

We will define the length of your front teeth and volume, and since there are so many shades of colours and so many effects, we can make any wish come true.

This method is certainly a shortcut to achieving our goal.

Mr Smile Ortho

Mr Smile Makeover is our unique total smile makeover service which can also often include Mr Smile Ortho treatment. Mr Smile Ortho treatment entails a placement of a specific, fixed, orthodontic appliance which improves the position of teeth and provides us with better conditions for placement of No prep veneers by NM, if there is indication for that. Mr Smile Ortho treatment also helps you restore the proper function, since function and aesthetics are always connected.

The chewing function is obtained by stabilizing the load on the teeth. That prevents any future tooth fractures caused by an inadequate tooth position. The levelling of the dental arch also makes oral hygiene more easy for the patients. When there is any issue with the teeth, it is difficult to clean them, which can result in dental caries and tartar build-up, and consequently create problems with the gums. Proper chewing also prevents digestion problems.

An inadequate and unstable position of the teeth may result in problems with joints and consequently, headaches. You should improve the way you bite. Additionally, teeth that are properly positioned by the orthodontic appliance contribute to better mouth function when chewing and speaking and to equal breathing.

Mr Smile Ortho treatment is specific because it gives concrete results in the shortest time possible and enables better teeth position. When the position of the teeth is improved, they can be made more beautiful and stronger using No prep veneers by NM. This way, we would avoid tooth preparation and improve all above-mentioned characteristics, but also achieve the aesthetics which only Mr Smile Ortho treatment can provide.